Wayne Bridges Selected for Hayes & Harlington

Hayes and Harlington Conservative Association is proud to have selected Wayne Bridges as its Candidate for the forthcoming General Election on December 12th.

Wayne was born and raised in Northolt and has lived and worked in the local area all his life.  He is married with a ten-year-old daughter and has worked in the Freight Forwarding Industry for the past 15 years.

Wayne has been a Hillingdon Councillor since 2010.  He has a proven record of securing substantial investment for residents and transforming their lives: From initiatives for Older Residents to the installation of Outdoor Gyms and Children’s playground refurbishment, and championing Green Spaces for all.  Wayne has extensive experience of serving the residents of H&H.  He has Chaired the Social Services, Housing and Public Health Policy Overview Committee and is the Chairman of the Residents, Education & Environmental Services Policy Overview Committee, ensuring the rights of local residents are protected and enhanced.

Wayne has always been a Brexiter.  In the 2016 European Referendum he was involved in the Local Leave campaign and was delighted when 58.25% of Hayes and Harlington voted Leave.  He has become increasingly frustrated by the local MP who has consistently delayed this process and ignored the majority of constituents who voted to leave the EU.

Wayne is completely committed to ensuring Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and seizing the opportunity to unleash Britain’s economic potential in the wider world and creating local prosperity for people in Hayes & Harlington.

Upon securing the nomination Wayne said,

“I am delighted to be the Conservative Candidate for Hayes & Harlington at the forthcoming General Election and I am proud to be part of a unique and diverse community. We receive poor representation from our local MP, who refuses to work with an efficiently run Council locally, and at a National Level seems only interested in frustrating Parliament. I am determined to stand up for the interests of local residents who have an important decision to make at this election. They can stick with the doom-and-gloom negativity of the incumbent or back me as their local MP for a new and positive approach really making a difference for the residents of Hayes & Harlington.”




Promoted by Simon Arnold on behalf of Wayne Bridges both of 141 Church Road, Hayes UB3 2LE