Goldsmith & Gilham for London



My name is Zac Goldsmith. I grew up in London, near Richmond Park, and I represent my community in Parliament with enormous pride. 


Over the last five years I’ve fought every step of the way to hold government to account, and to deliver for my community – whether securing funding for Kew Gardens, keeping the use of Richmond Park free, stopping the sell-off of school playing fields or working with my colleagues on Richmond Council to back our high streets. 


Over the past seven years, Boris has put London back on the map. We have seen record investment, jobs created, crime down, and tube delays down. We have a once in a lifetime chance to lock in and build on this progress so it is not wasted. 


But London’s successes have not yet been felt by all Londoners and there are serious challenges ahead. 

There are too many young adults still living in their childhood bedrooms trapped by London’s escalating house prices. Families spending more time commuting than they do with each other. Too many lives brought short by pollution in our air. 


The stakes at the mayoral election could not be higher. I am asking for your vote because London needs a Mayor with plans that can be delivered and who can work with the Government to fund them; for someone who will put Londoners ahead of party or union interest, and to build a better city that works for all Londoners.