Council Tax Frozen for 2017/18

Conservative run Hillingdon Council has again frozen Council Tax for all residents for 2017/18 and for over 65s until 2018/19.

In addition, Hillingdon residents will not be charged the social care precept for 2017/18, an additional charge of up to three per cent that can be added to bills by councils. In 2016/17, Hillingdon was one of only eight councils in England that did not add two per cent for the social care precept.

Conservative Group Leader, and Leader of Hillingdon, Cllr Ray Puddifoot MBE said, "I have always believed that the key to financial stability is not necessarily having more money, but having more control over the money that we do have. At a time when we see continued funding reductions from central government and more pressure on our services and facilities due to a rising population, it is our sound financial management and good business practice that sets Hillingdon apart from other councils and allows us to both improve facilities and continue to deliver the services that our residents value."

This is clear evidence of Hillingdon Conservatives continuing to put our residents first, a promise that all Conservative Councillors in Hillingdon are delivering on.